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is the art of DRAWING without an eraser.

John W. Gardner

A B O U T 


my name is Melanie. I am from Germany but moved to Lund, Sweden in July 2018.

My story is probably not the most typical including a complete change of career path from economics to medicine, moving to another country and starting a little business on the side. Nothing went as I originally planned but Gods ways are higher than ones own for sure. 


So my main day to day activity these days is studying a lot as a medical student but if I get time I love to invest it in creative projects with måla livet which ideally put smiles on other peoples faces - be it...


...through PHOTOGRAPHY (weddings, engagements, proposals,...) with my cameras Pettson & Findus


...during indoor or outdoor DRAWING CLASSES


...or through my SELF MADE PRODUCTS such as calendars, or postcards. 

Don't hesitate to contact me below if any of my services are in your interest. 

P.s. Fluent in English, German and Swedish  

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